Logistics, warehousing and Interim Project Management

SLIMlogical fulfils management positions that zoom in on the guidance of change processes within the profiles of logistics, warehousing and supply chain management. Getting the best out of companies and employees can only be achieved with a no-nonsense attitude and solid foundations. Empathy, planning and communication are indispensable core values that will benefit the effectiveness and efficiency of your company.

Where the action is

It may not sound very formal and business-like, but the real strength of SLIMlogical lies in good old fashioned, down-to-earth common sense. In other words, deep, broad knowledge and experience cannot function without a fast-acting, business-like and down-to-earth instinct. Furthermore, an overview and a social image ensure the forging of strong connections in the world of logistics, warehousing, and the supply chain or operations. And visibility in the workplace; it’s very important to be where the action is.
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