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Interim Project management

Are you looking for a partner for Interim Project management? For a generalist with a professional helicopter view who can convert temporary leadership into lasting, positive results? A result-oriented team player who can function as a process improver, director or temporary project leader? Someone who is permanently hands-on, wants to achieve the desired goals, and can be judged on results? A business builder?

Logistics, warehousing, supply chain or operations

Welcome to SLIMlogical. With a strong track record both at home and abroad, SLIMlogical has already provided many successful service solutions in the areas of logistics, warehousing, the supply chain or operations. SLIMlogical not only thinks along with you, but does so much more by crafting solutions from within that will make your company more effective and stronger. Knowledge, experience and a strong personality are keywords within SLIMlogical that lead to binding and lasting results.

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